The Origins of Observability Signals

22 July, 2020

In around 2012 and 2013, I started looking at ways to optimize the recording and playback of episodic machine memories – a challenge in trying… >

Observability – The Two Hemispheres

22 May, 2020

Two very distinct hemispheres seem to be forming within the application monitoring and observability space – one that is dominated by measurement, data collection, and… >

Scaling Observability to Service Level Management

20 May, 2020

Scaling by way of abstraction, aggregation, and compression is critical in the effective and efficient service level management of large scale and highly connected systems.… >

Humanizing Observability and Controllability

18 May, 2020

Humanism is a philosophical stance that is at the heart of much of what OpenSignals aims to bring to the table for service level management… >

The Missing “SLOW” Service Signal in OpenSignals

13 May, 2020

I might not be entirely right on this one as I seem to keep revisiting this, but for now, I have decided not to include a… >

Distributed Tracing – A Path to be Traced Lightly

6 May, 2020

Just because it [distributed tracing] can be done, with great expense, and visually represented, does not mean it should be considered as something to be… >

Simplicity and Significance in Observability

29 April, 2020

OpenSignals bring simplicity by way of a focus on what is effective and of significance to the vast amount of engineering teams – what is… >

OpenSignals for Services (Java) – Initial Commit

8 April, 2020

The initial commit for the Java implementation of the OpenSignals for Services API has been pushed to the GitHub repository. >