Observability: Signaling and Seeing the Situation

18 April, 2021

Let’s consider that the primary purpose of a monitoring dashboard is to bring immediate awareness of the situation to the viewer – to call attention… >

Observability: Where is it heading?

25 March, 2021

Observability is a hot topic in software and system engineering circles even though it is poorly defined and largely misunderstood. At this point in time,… >

Priming Observability for Situations

6 December, 2020

We can augment the OODA loop with another model, one of decision making, referred to as the Recognition-Primed Decision (RPD) model of rapid decision making. >

Observability: The OODA Loop

20 November, 2020

Today, companies face mounting pressure to demonstrate both speed and agility in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment. Information technology is seen as a critical… >

From Data to Dashboard – An Observability Anti-Pattern

25 October, 2020

Numerous initiatives around Observability, sometimes referred to as Visibility in the business domain, fail to meet expectations due to engineers naively expecting that once data… >

Hierarchies of Attention and Abstraction in Observability

3 October, 2020

When designing observability and controllability interfaces for systems of services, or any system for that matter, it is essential to consider how it connects the… >

Observability via (Verbal) Protocol Analysis

27 September, 2020

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to explain and relate to the design of the OpenSignals conceptual model of signals and states. So it was a… >

Orientating Observability

24 September, 2020

The orientation concept in OpenSignals seems to be somewhat novel or not so familiar amongst previous attempts at signaling. The reason for orientation, which has… >

Streamlining Observability Data Pipelines

23 September, 2020

The first generation of Observability instrumentation libraries, toolkits, and agents have taken the big data pipelines of both application performance monitoring (traces, metrics) and event… >

Scaling Observability via Attention and Awareness

16 September, 2020

OpenSignals tackles scaling of observability on many fronts – at the machine and human interfaces and along the data pipeline starting at the source. Before… >

Improving Situational Awareness in Systems of Services

14 September, 2020

Much of the initial motivation underlying the design of OpenSignals reflected my concern with the wanton proliferation of metric instrumentation and custom dashboard creations. >

The need for a new more modern Reliability Stack

7 September, 2020

In this post, we consider why it may be time to abandon the approach to service level management that has been strongly advocated for in… >

The Unchanging of Observability and Monitoring

3 September, 2020

In looking back over 20 years of building application performance monitoring and management tooling, it seems that not much has changed or achieved beyond that… >

OpenSignals is the right kind of Domain-Oriented Observability

1 September, 2020

For many engineers new to observability, and application performance monitoring for that matter, domain-oriented observability looks very much like adding interceptors and callbacks into an… >

The Origins of Observability Signals

22 July, 2020

In around 2012 and 2013, I started looking at ways to optimize the recording and playback of episodic machine memories – a challenge in trying… >

Observability – The Two Hemispheres

22 May, 2020

Two very distinct hemispheres seem to be forming within the application monitoring and observability space – one that is dominated by measurement, data collection, and… >

Scaling Observability to Service Level Management

20 May, 2020

Scaling by way of abstraction, aggregation, and compression is critical in the effective and efficient service level management of large-scale and highly connected systems. Scaling… >

Humanizing Observability and Controllability

18 May, 2020

Humanism is a philosophical stance that is at the heart of much of what OpenSignals aims to bring to the table for service level management… >

The Missing “SLOW” Service Signal in OpenSignals

13 May, 2020

I might not be entirely right on this one as I seem to keep revisiting this, but for now, I have decided not to include a… >

Distributed Tracing – A Path to be Traced Lightly

6 May, 2020

Just because it [distributed tracing] can be done, with great expense, and visually represented, does not mean it should be considered as something to be… >

Simplicity and Significance in Observability

29 April, 2020

OpenSignals bring simplicity by way of a focus on what is effective and of significance to the vast amount of engineering teams – what is… >

OpenSignals for Services (Java) – Initial Commit

8 April, 2020

The initial commit for the Java implementation of the OpenSignals for Services API has been pushed to the GitHub repository. >